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About Bytelamp

Hello and welcome to visit, a carefully curated selection of products for indoor and outdoor lighting to decorate your courtyard and your home!

We’re a small family-run business started through our love of solar technology and lighting improvement, our goal is to find and test professional and commercial grade solar lighting and make it available to our customers at the best possible price to provide you with stylish and practical lighting products.

We offer high-quality solar lighting products on the market. Our aim is to test and approve every single solar light we list on the website before we sell it. Our solar lighting experts are available to answer questions and give suggestions. We work toward making your experience at Bytelamp Store as efficient and helpful as possible.

We offer free shipping on all orders over $69, if you have any questions please check out our FAQ page here.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? No problem! Just contact our awesome customer service team here and we’ll have your query dealt with immediately (Mon-Fri)

Thank you for visiting Bytelamp, happy shopping!

Contact Name: Mrs. Li
Service Email: [email protected]
Phone Service: +86 170 2320 4501
Company Name: Zhongshan Lima Lighting Co., Ltd.
Mailing Address: 2nd Floor, No. 2, Dongsi Road, Gangnan Industrial Avenue, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, China 528421 

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